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Policy Central Enterprise™ is a highly innovative software solution that allows commercial, public sector and educational organisations to introduce, monitor and enforce their own tailored Acceptable Use Policy.

With one easy-to-install application, Policy Central Enterprise allows you transparently to analyse, manage and report inappropriate traffic flowing to or from your networked computers.

The system settings are totally customisable which means it’s entirely up to you which group of users and what behaviour you want to monitor, at what times of the day, and how the system should respond to violations.


Policy Central Enterprise is based on a simple yet powerful idea. It monitors automatically all screen content and keyboard activity. The automated data engine contains eight customisable violation libraries - such as pornography, profanity, violence, racism and drugs. In conjunction with the automatic libraries, a self-definable library will allow user-specific words and phrases to be added.

Whenever a violation is triggered, or an attempt to access a forbidden file or URL, the screen is automatically captured and maintained within a secure database. This enables a comprehensive audit log, incorporating images and violation details, that provides detailed forensic evidence.

It is important to note that Policy Central Enterprise is not like CCTV. Although it monitors all activity, it only records activity when a violation is triggered. This means that it operates strictly within human and employee rights legislation.


The fact that Policy Central Enterprise captures violations from both screen and keyboard means that it can monitor all incoming and outgoing activity - whatever the application used.

So not only does it detect and capture violations within Internet applications – browsers, search engines, email, chat rooms and instant messaging – it also monitors the content of all other Windows applications such as zipped files, password protected Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations as well as portable devices such as USB Flash Hard drives.

Once displayed on screen, in whatever format, the violation will be detected and the screen captured.


We understand that every need is different and have developed a flexible system that can be tailored exactly to the individual responsibilities and concerns of your own organisation.

We’ve made sure that with Policy Central Enterprise it is easy to adjust the settings to suit your own Acceptable Use Policy and any specific objectives you may have.

For example, you may choose not to take any action the first time an inappropriate word or phrase is used, but request an alert if it is used repeatedly within a defined time frame.

Or you may want to monitor violations within a specific user group, but not in others. Alternatively, you may wish to block access to certain web sites only at certain times of day.

You are also in total control of who within your organisation is notified of any violations, and whether any automatic blocking action is needed. All this, of course, depends on the culture of your organisation, the profile of your users and seriousness of violations you detect.


With Policy Central Enterprise you can generate a comprehensive range of standard reports which you can view, save or print. You can also export the data to a variety of formats such as Excel, HTML, Word or Rich-Text-Format.

The software contains embedded Crystal Reports technology containing 25 pre-configured reports to query the database and obtain information across a broad range of data.

All reports are generated within the Internet browser and no extra software is required on the client. Reports can be generated for any user account within defined parameters.

Reports available include:

  • Top violators by site/per group – this list can help you identify problem users and develop a strategy to counteract their behaviour
  • Violations by specific user - this can help you analyse the behaviour of an individual and help lead to you the most appropriate action
  • Violations by specific cause – this will let you know of all violation’s on a specific word or phrase and can help determine a pattern of behaviour
  • Top internet users per group – this report shows which users are spending most time on internet sites, either in general or on specific kinds of site
  • Top sites visited – this shows the most frequently visited sites by a specific user group and can help identify the quantity and quality of internet usage along with potential gaps in your filtering service
  • Internet use per machine – this report shows the entire Internet usage of a specific computer and can help determine if a machine is being used for bone fide purposes or for cyber slacking or other illicit purposes


Policy Central Enterprise lets you:

  • Identify unacceptable computer use throughout your network, whether via the internet or using internal office applications such as Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets
  • Block access to unsuitable websites
  • Monitor quantity and quality of internet use among specific groups
  • Adjust web filtering and acceptable use settings depending on factors such as time of day, user need, profile of users
  • Monitor chat room and discussion forum activity and content
    Request urgent alerts for serious violations requiring immediate action
  • Set your own parameters for use of language and standards of behaviour on your network
  • Request regular or special reports on computer use and violations of your Acceptable Use Policy

Educate your users on Acceptable Use Policy and reassure them that you are providing protection against all types of threat.

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